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Morton Automotive Heritage Center

1925 Buick Model 50


Morton Automotive Heritage Center is a division of Morton Automotive Group, which provides high quality, concours d’elegance standard restoration of select, classic era automobiles.  Morton Automotive Heritage Center encompasses three centers of automotive heritage excellence:


• Morton Literature Archival Research
• Morton Auto History, Education, & Outreach
• Morton Automobilia


The Heritage Center supports Morton Automotive Group business initiatives by providing documentary evidence of the depth of quality we integrate into our restoration.  But the Heritage Center offers much more—by sharing the rich history of the automobile in America through education and museum quality motoring artifacts.  We are doing our part to preserve and pass our motoring heritage down to the next generation of enthusiasts.

Please contact the Morton Automotive Heritage Center to explore potential opportunities for sponsorship of community events, education and training programs, and seminars relating to automotive history.