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1925 Buick Model


Morton Vintage Auto Parts is a division of Morton Automotive Group, which provides high quality, concours d’elegance standard restoration of select, classic era automobiles.


Buick e-Store

Morton Vintage Auto Parts maintains an inventory of new old stock and used original parts to support restoration efforts of Academy Classic Automobiles and Morton Coachworks.  Over the years, Morton Automotive has acquired significant inventory from dealerships and private business interests and collectors.  While retaining specific parts needed to support current and anticipated restorations (notably Buick), residual inventory is being made available for purchase via the Buick e-Store (follow the link).

Manufacture of Buick Parts

Morton Vintage Auto Parts is also creating tooling for replacement Buick parts that are either scarce, unusable in their original form (e.g., pot metal), or completely unavailable.  If you have special parts needs for your Buick restoration, please communicate them to us.  Our intention is to sell the parts we remanufacture via the Buick e-Store.  Projects currently in development include:

• 1937 Buick, All Series, Center Hood Hinges
• 1929 Buicks with rumbleseat, Arm Rest
• 1924-35 Buick (various), Water Distribution Tube

Buick Engines, Sheet Metal, and Other Assemblies

Morton Automotive has an inventory of engines (e.g., long blocks from 1924 and into the 1930s), sheet metal (e.g. cowls, fenders, body panels), and other assemblies (e.g., rear ends including differentials) for 1920s and 1930s Buicks.  Please contact us for a quote should your restoration require replacement parts.  Morton Automotive also ships worldwide via the Port of New York and New Jersey.

If you have specific needs for your restoration, please contact Morton Automotive.